Technological innovation to help enterprises develop efficiently

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Technological innovation to help enterprises develop efficiently

Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd always adheres to technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, and takes enhancing the enterprise's independent innovation ability and improving the competitiveness of product core technology as the main means to implement the technological innovation-driven development strategy. We are committed to building a high-quality and high-level staff team, building the enterprise into a high-tech innovative enterprise, and comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise. In order to fully stimulate the creativity and innovation enthusiasm of the majority of employees, the company promulgated the "Science and Technology Innovation Incentive Measures". In March 2019, product technology innovation and improvement work achieved fruitful results.

The pursuit of excellence


                                    Li Xianfeng Zhang Han

In the actual production of large-diameter insulated joints in our company, the left and right short pipes are mostly straight seam welded pipes. The high points of the weld during welding will directly affect the quality of the welding process, which will easily lead to internal and external quality defects of the weld, and the rework rate is high, thus increasing the production cost and manufacturing cycle. In the early stage, the method of polishing the weld of the short tube has been adopted to ensure the welding quality, but this method not only takes time and time, affects the appearance quality of the product, but also makes users question the strength of the short tube after polishing. In order to improve such problems, welders Li Xianfeng and Zhang Han of the Valve Division carefully observed the welding equipment and workpieces during the production process, pasted cardboard at the straight seam of the short pipe, and selected different cardboard thicknesses along with the distance of the weld seam, so that the weld seam can smoothly transition through the roller frame, ensuring the stable formation of the molten pool during the welding process, thus ensuring the welding quality. Since the implementation of this improvement, the welding seam of the welded large-diameter insulation joint has passed the inspection, and the manual grinding process of the original welding seam has been reduced, and each product directly saves about 4 hours of working hours.

Do your best to study hard

Lu Jingmei

The valve body flow channel hole processing of emergency shut-off valve products is generally arranged in boring machine. Due to the inability to add coolant and unfavorable cutting in the processing process, the roughness of the flow channel hole often fails to meet the design requirements. Manual grinding and polishing are required to remedy the problem, which not only has high cost, but also poor precision and different sizes. For this reason, Lu Jingmei, a boring worker in the valve workshop, through careful study, first uses a drill bit 1-2mm smaller than the runner hole to drill, and then uses a self-made special tool to bore the inner hole to the drawing requirements. Through verification, this method can greatly improve the forming rate of one-time processing of boring machine, which not only meets the design requirements, but also reduces a large number of manual grinding and polishing in the later period, and a single part can directly save 2 hours of working hours.

After the research and decision of the company's technical committee, Li Xianfeng, Zhang Han and Lu Jingmei will be commended and rewarded according to the system. Hope that all employees can persist in learning, study hard, strive for perfection in their daily work, and make new contributions to promoting the safe, green and efficient development of Xi'an pumps and valves.

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