Xi Bao | Chen Mengmin, chairman and general manager of the company, was awarded the "Xi 'an May 1 Labor Medal"

In recent years, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, with a brand-new modern enterprise management concept and new development ideas, Chen Mengmin has led all employees to take "scientific and technological innovation, industry serving the country" as the mission, and to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise as the policy. Tapping the potential and improving efficiency, taking multiple measures simultaneously, working hard on "specialization and innovation", and establishing a brand-new business model dominated by product technology and service, it has realized the transformation of enterprises from the traditional machinery manufacturing mode of heavy assets, high risk, poor market flexibility and unstable income to the development mode of high-end and efficient new manufacturing enterprises relying on innovation and intellectual labor development. The company's total industrial output value has increased by more than 20% annually for three consecutive years, and has paid a total of 88.08 million yuan in taxes to the state for three years. The average annual income of employees has increased by 15.8, and the average annual output value of comprehensive energy consumption has decreased by more than 3%.


Three CNC classes of special materials produced by our company won the title of "Advanced Team of Shaanxi Machinery, Metallurgy and Building Materials System"

In order to set up a model, demonstrate and promote the overall promotion, the provincial machinery, metallurgy and building materials trade union awarded our company the honorary title of "advanced team of Shaanxi machinery, metallurgy and building materials system" and Zhu Jianfeng the honorary title of "excellent team leader of Shaanxi machinery, metallurgy and building materials system.


Annual inventory comprehensive inventory work successfully concluded.

One dollar is renewed and Vientias is renewed. As the New Year's Eve chimed in, the 2023 gently waved to us, just like the woman in the Xin Ci, "Moth, snow, willow, golden wisps, smiling and fragrant." 2023 the end of this accounting period, but the financial comprehensive accounting work is gradually beginning.


Corporate Culture "Saying Culture" Special Topic │ 2024 First Issue Saying Culture Sharing Activities Successfully

Corporate culture is not just the usual slogans, wall slogans, and descriptions in manuals. It is the spirit of the company that is truly rooted in the hearts of every employee. This spirit is not formed casually. It is the development of the company. In the process, from top to bottom, the spiritual quality gradually formed. This spiritual quality has been deeply integrated into the nerve unit of each employee, at the same time, this spirit can also allow new employees to inherit and carry forward, so as to further guide their behavior habits.


Warmly congratulate Sichuan Jixing New Material Co., Ltd. on the successful one-time production of polyester staple fiber project!

Xi 'an Pump Valve General Factory Co., Ltd., as a supplier specializing in the production of melt filters, melt multi-way valves, tank bottom valves and sampling valves, has provided melt filter CPF2-FF-225/300-75A, prepolymer filter CPF2-PF-150/200-75A, melt multi-way valves and Y-type stop valves, tank bottom valves, sampling valves and other product services for this project.


Xi 'an pump valve wish everyone a happy New Year's Day!

The gears of time quietly jump Those moments interwoven into the painting in 2023 will eventually become the footnotes of the 2024 preface, the new direction, and in this order, let us pack our memories into our bags, let our dreams set sail again, and walk into a new chapter together.


The pump valve man "said" │ "I" and the story of Xi 'an pump valve

As an employee of Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd, we should always maintain positive energy, give full play to our potential and contribute to the development of the company. Positive energy is not only reflected in work performance, but also in personal conduct and attitude. As a production line employee, we should be proactive and have the courage to take responsibility.


The company held the 7th First Stock Ownership Meeting and the 14th Fifth Workers' Congress

Hard work and fruitful results, forge ahead to compose a new chapter. On December 22, Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory Co., Ltd. held a grand meeting of the seventh session of the first shareholding congress, the fourteenth session of the five workers' congress. The meeting was presided over by Yang Junfeng, vice chairman of the company, chairman of the trade union and chairman of the board of directors of the employee stock ownership association. More than 100 representatives of shareholders and employees attended the meeting.


Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd won the title of "Specialized and Special New" small and medium-sized enterprise in Shaanxi Province.

Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the "List of" Specialized, Special and New "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shaanxi Province in 2023". Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd has been awarded the title of "Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shaanxi Province" by virtue of its specialization and technological innovation ability in the fields of special materials and special pump valves.


Xi Bao │ Our company won the title of intellectual property advantage enterprise in Shaanxi Province in 2023

Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office issued the ''Notice on Determining the Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises and Advantageous Enterprises in Shaanxi Province in 2023 ''. Through enterprise declaration, city (district) recommendation, enterprise evaluation, comprehensive evaluation and other links, our company was rated as" The Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise of Shaanxi Province in 2023 "marks a new level in the company's innovation and development and intellectual property management.

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