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Professional special material pump valve manufacturing enterprises, especially in the chemical centrifugal pump energy saving and emission reduction to provide our customers with high quality, high efficiency, fast and convenient solutions.

Insulation joint

Insulating joint is an essential component required for cathodic protection of pipeline in order to prevent electrochemical corrosion in pipeline transportation, which is widely used in oil, gas and water pipelines. The main body of the product is made of forgings and welded together, with high-insulation and high-strength insulating plates and special U-shaped self-tightening sealing rings inside to achieve electrical insulation and sealing on both sides of the pipeline. The welding seam adopts filament submerged arc welding, special numerical control equipment is used for assembly, and numerical control bending moment detection equipment is used for inspection to ensure product quality and meet the requirements of safe and reliable operation.

Melt filter

CPF series melt filters are suitable for continuous filtration of polymer melts to remove impurities and unmelted gel particles in the melt, improve the spinning performance of the melt and ensure the spinning quality. It plays a significant role in extending the life of spinning components and improving equipment utilization and output. Products used in polyester, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and polyurethane thermoplastic and other viscous fluid polymer filtration.

Special material high pressure hard seal ball valve

The use of titanium, zirconium, nickel-based alloys and other special materials, the matching of the hardening process and manufacturing. The products are suitable for petrochemical industry, high salt wastewater, wet oxygen, wet smelting and other fields, as well as various strong corrosive working conditions in seawater desalination, metallurgy, environmental protection, water treatment and other industries. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, erosion resistance and strong reliability.

Single-seat regulating valve

Special material control valve with multi-species, multi-purpose to meet a variety of working conditions of the process control. Mainly installed in the pump import and export, reactor (tower) import and export, process pipeline. Nominal diameter: 15~600mm nominal pressure: PN1.6-42MPa;ANSI150-2500 flow coefficient CV0.01 ~ 6450 adjustable ratio: 50:1, temperature range:-195~566 c. Valve material: Ti, Zr, Ni, Hastelloy, Monel and other special alloys. The main structure of single seat, double seat, angle, three-way valve, butterfly net, V ball valve, sleeve. The valve has: light weight, small size, high adjustment accuracy. Main application industries: acetic acid, PTA, MMA, methionine, high salt wastewater, diffuse oxidation, nickel laterite ore hydrometallurgy, etc.

Cryogenic valve

Cryogenic valves are widely used in liquid hydrogen, LNG and other industries. The valve body material and trim material shall meet the requirements of low temperature (-196°C) and ultra-low temperature (-252C) working conditions. Mainly low temperature ball valve, low temperature globe valve, low temperature gate stuffy, low temperature butterfly valve and other products.

Automatic recirculation control valve

CST42Y(C/H) type high heart pump minimum return valve installed in the pump outlet, the centrifugal pump to provide the most economical and reliable protection. It can make the pump have a small amount of medium recirculation in low load operation, ensure the minimum continuous flow of the pump, maintain the stable operation of the pump, and has a check function, which can prevent the medium from flowing back.

Special material plug valve

Mainly used in acetic acid plant and other chemical industry, installed in the pump import and export and delivery pipeline, do open and close device. The product has the advantages of flexible opening, reliable sealing and long life. The product materials are error and drill alloy, nickel and nickel-based alloy and Qin and Zhen alloy.

Gas production and alcohol injection module skid

The gas production pipeline, alcohol injection pipeline, emergency shut-off valve, pipeline, instrument, atomizer, etc. are integrated into one, and the modular production of gas production and alcohol injection pipeline system is realized by combination. The alcohol injection pipeline can make the injected hydrate inhibitor evenly mixed with natural gas and oil products, which can effectively prevent ice blockage and inhibit the formation of hydrates. The wellhead emergency shut-off valve is integrated in the gas production pipeline, which can effectively ensure the safe operation of the gas production operation.

GD4 self-balancing high-pressure multistage pump

GD4 multistage pump is a segmented multistage centrifugal pump with radial split and symmetrical impeller arrangement and axial force self-balancing. According to the actual working conditions, it is divided into two pump types: low pressure DM(P)T and GD4 according to the implementation of AP1610 standard. Mainly used in petrochemical, coal chemical and salt chemical industries.

J series low vibration and low noise pump set

J series pump set is a low vibration and noise centrifugal pump developed by our company, which integrates low excitation force hydraulic technology, micron processing technology, vibration and noise simulation test. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low vibration and noise, and pays attention to human-computer interaction and environment-friendly design concept, which can be widely used in petrochemical, marine ships and other fields.

RB series urea melt pump

RB series urea melt pump belongs to single-stage single-suction, cantilever type, center line support, insulation jacket centrifugal pump. Mainly used for conveying molten urea solution and other easy medium. The pump body and the pump cover are provided with thermal insulation jackets, and the steam insulation solves the problem of easy crystallization of the medium; at the same time, the pump cover is provided with a purging port, and steam is introduced during shutdown to fully melt the residual medium. The shaft seal adopts the auxiliary impeller packing seal type. When the pump is working, there is no leakage of the medium. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable sealing and long service life.

XM gas-liquid multiphase flow pump

XM pump is a gas-liquid two-phase flow pump developed by the company. It mainly transports gas-liquid mixed medium (the maximum gas content is 20%). On the basis of X series chemical process pumps, through special design of impeller hydraulic model and flow-passing parts, it meets the requirements of working conditions. The products are mainly used for gas-liquid mixed delivery pumps in pharmaceutical micro-interface reaction and other industries.

Axial flow pump

SQZL type forced circulation pump is a new type, high efficiency, large flow, low lift series of forced circulation pump developed by our company. Products are widely used in diaphragm caustic soda, vacuum salt, calcium chloride, sodium sulfate, sodium chlorate, sugar, paper, wastewater and other industries of evaporation, concentration, cooling, in order to improve the production capacity of equipment, increase the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchanger for forced recycling.

X Series Chemical Process Pump

The X series chemical process pump is an 0H2 single-stage single-suction suspended back centrifugal pump designed and developed according to API610 standard. The design pressure can reach up to 15MPa, the design temperature is 450°C, and the high-efficiency hydraulic model rigid shaft structure with independent intellectual property rights. Adapt to a variety of chemical process conditions, with strong market competitiveness. Especially suitable for chemical process of various heavy loads and mining.

Vacuum pump unit

The high vacuum degree and high outlet pressure titanium vacuum pump unit developed for the process requirements in the device combines the water ring vacuum pump, steam-water separator, heat exchanger, control valve, liquid level indicator and connecting pipeline to form a joint assembly, which facilitates the installation of the equipment and simplifies the process flow. Used in caustic soda, petrochemical, wastewater treatment and other industries. The main products are SKW type, WRVC type (API681) straight air compressor unit and CWRC type single-stage circulating compressor unit, 2WRC type two-stage supplementary compressor unit.

Zirconium mother liquor circulating pump

The XGBS zirconium mother liquor circulation pump is a BB2 centrifugal pump with radial splitting, single stage double suction, and two end supports, which complies with the AP1610 standard. The zirconium material mother liquor circulation pump is one of the key equipment in the acetic acid plant, mainly used for transporting highly corrosive acetic acid mother liquor.

Gas-liquid two-phase flow pump

Gas-liquid two-phase flow pump
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Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co .,Ltd. was founded in 1958, formerly known as Xi'an High Pressure Valve Factory. It is a modern scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and technical services of special pumps and valves. Products are widely used in acetic acid, MMA, PTA, caustic soda, polyester, water treatment, coal chemical industry, oil and gas, new energy and other industries. With the mission of "scientific and technological innovation and industry serving the country", Xi'an pump valve has been deeply integrated with Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnical University in the field of scientific research, and has built Xi'an pump valve-Xi'an Jiaotong University Technology Research Institute. Major breakthroughs have been made in the casting and performance improvement of titanium-zirconium materials, surface hardening treatment of titanium-zirconium materials, corrosion mechanism and protection of titanium-based materials in marine environment, multiphase flow transportation, hydraulic design and optimization of high cavitation resistance of centrifugal pumps, flow field analysis and structural optimization of high-pressure melt filters, etc., with independent intellectual property rights and engineering applications. The company is a national high-tech enterprise with more than 110 independent intellectual property rights, including more than 20 invention patents, 5 national standards and 6 industry standards. The company has ISO9001, API6A, API6D, CE, SIL and other key certificates and A2 fixed pressure vessel design and manufacturing certificate.View Details]


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In recent years, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, with a brand-new modern enterprise management concept and new development ideas, Chen Mengmin has led all employees to take "scientific and technological innovation, industry serving the country" as the mission, and to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise as the policy. Tapping the potential and improving efficiency, taking multiple measures simultaneously, working hard on "specialization and innovation", and establishing a brand-new business model dominated by product technology and service, it has realized the transformation of enterprises from the traditional machinery manufacturing mode of heavy assets, high risk, poor market flexibility and unstable income to the development mode of high-end and efficient new manufacturing enterprises relying on innovation and intellectual labor development. The company's total industrial output value has increased by more than 20% annually for three consecutive years, and has paid a total of 88.08 million yuan in taxes to the state for three years. The average annual income of employees has increased by 15.8, and the average annual output value of comprehensive energy consumption has decreased by more than 3%.


Three CNC classes of special materials produced by our company won the title of "Advanced Team of Shaanxi Machinery, Metallurgy and Building Materials System"

In order to set up a model, demonstrate and promote the overall promotion, the provincial machinery, metallurgy and building materials trade union awarded our company the honorary title of "advanced team of Shaanxi machinery, metallurgy and building materials system" and Zhu Jianfeng the honorary title of "excellent team leader of Shaanxi machinery, metallurgy and building materials system.


Annual inventory comprehensive inventory work successfully concluded.

One dollar is renewed and Vientias is renewed. As the New Year's Eve chimed in, the 2023 gently waved to us, just like the woman in the Xin Ci, "Moth, snow, willow, golden wisps, smiling and fragrant." 2023 the end of this accounting period, but the financial comprehensive accounting work is gradually beginning.


Corporate Culture "Saying Culture" Special Topic │ 2024 First Issue Saying Culture Sharing Activities Successfully

Corporate culture is not just the usual slogans, wall slogans, and descriptions in manuals. It is the spirit of the company that is truly rooted in the hearts of every employee. This spirit is not formed casually. It is the development of the company. In the process, from top to bottom, the spiritual quality gradually formed. This spiritual quality has been deeply integrated into the nerve unit of each employee, at the same time, this spirit can also allow new employees to inherit and carry forward, so as to further guide their behavior habits.
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