Titanium Products

Titanium and titanium alloys (pumps, valves and castings)


Overview of titanium alloys

Titanium is a highly chemically active metal. However, it exhibits particularly excellent corrosion resistance to many corrosive media. The reason is that titanium and oxygen have a good affinity, easy to react with oxygen and generate a layer of strong and dense passive oxide film on its surface. In many harsh corrosion conditions in the medium, this layer of oxide film is very stable, more difficult to dissolve, even if damaged, as long as there is an oxidizing environment, but also self-repair and quickly re-generated. Titanium products are mainly the use of titanium metal materials in strong corrosive environment oxide film has good stability and self-passivation ability, this feature to resist a variety of harsh conditions of strong corrosion. Whether the titanium valve can resist the corrosion of the working environment medium, the key lies in the chemical stability of the "passive oxide film" on the surface in the corrosive medium. For neutral, oxidizing, weak reducing medium environment "passive oxide film" itself has a very good stability. For high temperature or low PH value of reducing corrosion medium, in order to improve the stability of the "passive oxide film", by adding corrosion inhibitors (such as air, water, heavy metal ions and anions, etc.), such as titanium surface ion modification treatment, anodizing treatment and other methods, to improve the "titanium" in the reducing medium corrosion resistance and surface hardness to meet the use requirements.


Application of titanium products

Titanium in the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, high temperature water vapor almost no corrosion.

Titanium is very resistant to corrosion in alkaline media.

Titanium anti-chloride ion ability is very strong, has excellent resistance to chloride ion corrosion resistance.

Titanium has good corrosion resistance in aqua regia, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine water, wet oxygen and other media.

The corrosion resistance of titanium in organic acids depends on the reduction or oxidation of the acid.

The corrosion resistance of titanium material in reducing acid depends on whether the medium has corrosion inhibitor.

Titanium light weight (specific gravity 4.507) high mechanical strength, widely used in aerospace.

Titanium because of its high cost performance, can resist the erosion of a variety of corrosive media, in the civil corrosion-resistant industrial pipeline, can solve the corrosion problem of stainless steel, copper or aluminum valves difficult to solve. It has the advantages of safety, reliability and long service life. Widely used in chlor-alkali industry, soda industry, pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer industry, fine industry, textile fiber synthesis and bleaching and dyeing industry, basic organic acid and inorganic salt production, nitric acid industry.


Material grade of titanium and titanium alloy



Titanium Gr2、Gr3、Gr5、Gr6、Gr7、Gr12

Titanium GrC2、GrC3、GrC5、GrC6、Ti-Pd7B、GrC12

Titanium GrF2、GrF3、GrF5、GrF6、GrF7、GrF12