Technology R & D

Innovation-driven development through the deep integration of industry, university and research. It has given full play to the role of domestic colleges and universities in leading innovation and supporting scientific and technological services, combined with our company's advantages in the field of energy and chemical equipment manufacturing, based on the industrial layout of energy and chemical equipment manufacturing, military equipment manufacturing and so on. The key research and application of many key technologies, such as the improvement of mechanical properties of special material castings and special materials, rotor dynamics calculation and analysis technology, high anti-cavitation centrifugal pump design, multiphase flow technology, centrifugal pump vibration and noise reduction technology, high-pressure solution filter structure optimization, etc., have been carried out in the way of school-enterprise cooperation, and the performance improvement and upgrading of products have been realized. At the same time, relying on Xi'an pump valve-Xi'an Jiaotong University Technology Research Institute, to study for on-the-job master's degree, doctor's way, improve the company's technical team's professional and technical level and research and development capabilities, for the company's rapid and high-quality development.


Xi'an Pump