Xi Bao | Chen Mengmin, chairman and general manager of the company, was awarded the "Xi 'an May 1 Labor Medal"

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Xi Bao | Chen Mengmin, chairman and general manager of the company, was awarded the

Recently, it was learned from the Xi'an Federation of Trade Unions that the company's chairman and general manager Chen Mengmin was awarded the "Xi'an May 1st Labor Medal".


Xi'an Pump


Xi'an Pump


In recent years, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, with a brand-new modern enterprise management concept and new development ideas, Chen Mengmin has led all employees to take "scientific and technological innovation, industry serving the country" as the mission, and to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise as the policy. Tapping the potential and improving efficiency, taking multiple measures simultaneously, working hard on "specialization and innovation", and establishing a brand-new business model dominated by product technology and service, it has realized the transformation of enterprises from the traditional machinery manufacturing mode of heavy assets, high risk, poor market flexibility and unstable income to the development mode of high-end and efficient new manufacturing enterprises relying on innovation and intellectual labor development. The company's total industrial output value has increased by more than 20% annually for three consecutive years, and has paid a total of 88.08 million yuan in taxes to the state for three years. The average annual income of employees has increased by 15.8, and the average annual output value of comprehensive energy consumption has decreased by more than 3%.

Struggle for a new journey and build a new era! The company calls on all employees to learn from the advanced, take the advanced as an example, vigorously promote the spirit of labor and craftsmanship, stick to the original aspiration with a never-slack mental state, and bravely shoulder the mission with an indomitable attitude of struggle, and write on the company's new journey of high-quality development. New chapters, new answers were handed in, and the 20th National Congress of the Party was held with outstanding results.

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