Put the employee's happiness index in a prominent position.

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Put the employee's happiness index in a prominent position.

Put the employee's happiness index in a prominent position.

-Xi 'an Pump and Valve General Factory Co., Ltd. Care for Employees

At the end of last year, Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory) was awarded the title of "National Employment and Social Security Advanced Private Enterprise. This is the only company in Xi'an that has won this honor.

As a private enterprise with full shareholding, Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory always regards employees' yearning for a better life as the goal of the company, insists on safeguarding the interests of employees, creating jobs through multiple channels, and working for the welfare of employees with heart, so that the results of corporate reform and development Benefit employees.

"Although hard, but very full"

"After achieving the guaranteed output value target, the fixed income of employees will increase by not less than 5%." Every year, Xi 'an Pump and Valve General Factory will write down the increase in employees' wages in the goal of the "Double Generation Meeting" report.

This is the most basic increase. With the increase of output value, the wages of employees also increase accordingly. In 2017, the average annual income of employees increased by 23%In 2018, the increase was 27.56 percent compared with 2017.

The report also included the quality and satisfaction of food in the staff restaurant, the protection mechanism for the rights and interests of employees, and cultural and sports activities that are closely related to employees, and implemented them to various departments.

All along, Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory has established a democratic management system in accordance with the law, and regularly convenes employee representatives and shareholder representatives. As early as 1998, the Pump and Valve General Factory established a collective contract system for equal consultation. Through equal consultation, the legitimate rights and interests of employees were protected, and the labor contract signing rate reached 100 percent..

In the past few years, the economic efficiency of the enterprise has declined, and the bonus of employees cannot be guaranteed. How to use collective negotiation to ensure the fundamental interests of employees and promote the development of the enterprise? After investigation, the enterprise trade union has come up with a detailed plan to break the wage distribution method of front-line employees and implement the post level skill wage system, and negotiate with the enterprise. The scheme is well-founded and has been recognized by enterprises. As a result, the pump valve factory carried out a comprehensive job skills training and examination, the examination is divided into four levels, according to different levels to improve employee wages.

"Although it is hard work, it is very fulfilling. As long as we do our work well, the factory will think of everything we should think about. Meals are free, condolences during the holidays, and various cultural and sports activities continue. The key is that the salary is much higher." CNC lathe worker Zhu Jianfeng said happily.

"I feel respected here"

A truly outstanding enterprise does not lie in how much material value it creates, but in whether it assumes social responsibility.

"In the most difficult period, enterprises have never thought of layoffs, but do everything possible to grasp development, use development to solve employment, and use development to meet employees' yearning for a better life." Xi 'an pump valve factory chairman, general manager Chen Mengmin said.

In the development of enterprises, through training to improve the skills of employees, for incompetent, training, transfer, etc., to ensure that employees have jobs and income. In the past two years, the company has absorbed a total of 35 people from enterprises that have removed production capacity and 26 employees in difficulty.4 persons with disabilities and 26 demobilized soldiers.

Xi 'an Pump and Valve General Factory has signed long-term talent training bases with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and Lanzhou University of Technology. According to the standard of 1.5-2% of total wages, the training cost budget has been increased year by year, and an internal trainer system has been established to train new and old employees in knowledge and professional skills. In the past two years, a total of 45 undergraduates have been enrolled.People, to absorb 78 higher vocational students.

Ye Xiangyan and Wang Hui came to work in Xi 'an Pump and Valve General Factory after graduating from Lanzhou University of Technology. "Enterprise management is very humane, after the rotation internship, let us choose the position according to the will. Let us just work feel respect." Wang Hui said.

Every two months, the pump valve factory held a youth symposium. "Although the salary is not bad, how many years will it take to buy a house!" At a symposium, several young workers in Ye Xiangyan raised the issue of housing. After the meeting, the company held several seminars and finally set up a "general manager fund" to reward outstanding talents in key processes and key positions. At the same time, special housing provident fund allowance is provided for enterprise personnel with bachelor's degree or above, so as to attract and retain talents to the maximum extent, and the retention rate of trainees is 80%.

"There is never a time when things are done for employees. This requires us to constantly strive to improve living conditions for everyone." Chen Mengmin said so, enterprises do so. Warmth is generated here, strength is formed here. Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory puts the happiness index of employees in a prominent position, so that every employee in the factory has a strong sense of belonging, a warm sense of existence, and a reliable sense of growth.

Transfered from: Worker's Newspaper

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