Healthy physique, strong quality, promoting development on the level

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Healthy physique, strong quality, promoting development on the level

In order to actively respond to the call to build a healthy China, strengthen the physical exercise of employees,Improve the physical quality of employees and promote corporate culture. The company's trade union decided to organize an annual winter health run from November 12 to December 21.

Although it is a cold winter, it is carefully organized by the trade union,The employees actively participated, and everyone's high enthusiasm and enthusiasm for participation were not affected at all. Every morning, the employees started running together and went forward bravely. Passion, sunshine, health and vitality spread to every corner of the company with the healthy running activities, and the smiles on the employees' faces dispelled the chill of the winter morning.

The development of this "healthy run" not only enabled employees to experience the joy of exercise and fitness, strengthened their physique, but also stimulated their enthusiasm for love and dedication, and laid a solid foundation for the company to better carry out various tasks.



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