Chasing Dreams and Striving for the First

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Chasing Dreams and Striving for the First

In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of employees, enhance the physical quality of employees, and advocate the working atmosphere of "healthy work and love life", the company's trade union on April 9, 2019Since then, the 7th "West Pump Valve Cup" employee basketball competition has been organized.

This competition is sponsored by the company's trade union, with a total of five teams participating in the competition, including the sales center branch, the pump division branch, the valve division branch, the technical center branch and the organ branch.

During the game, the company's chairman Chen Mengmin, party secretary, vice chairman Yang Junfeng and other major leaders came to the scene to watch the game and cheer for the players.

On the field, the players united and cooperated, fought tenaciously, braved the scorching sun, braved the drizzle, cooperated with each other, and scored wonderful goals one by one, which would arouse bursts of cheers and applause from the audience.

4Month 23, after 10 days 10In the competition, the sales center branch won the championship, the technical center branch and the valve division branch won the 2. three, and the sales center branch yang mingjie won the MVP of this basketball match.

Due to the addition of a new representative team of the technical center branch, the forces among the teams are relatively more balanced, and the viewing and intensity of the game are stronger than in previous years, which really shows the true level of each team. it also shows the fine tradition of "friendship first, competition second" and the enterprise spirit of never admitting defeat.








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