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Automatic recirculation control valve

CST42Y(C/H) type high heart pump minimum return valve installed in the pump outlet, the centrifugal pump to provide the most economical and reliable protection. It can make the pump have a small amount of medium recirculation in low load operation, ensure the minimum continuous flow of the pump, maintain the stable operation of the pump, and has a check function, which can prevent the medium from flowing back.

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Insulation joint

Insulating joint is an essential component required for cathodic protection of pipeline in order to prevent electrochemical corrosion in pipeline transportation, which is widely used in oil, gas and water pipelines. The main body of the product is made of forgings and welded together, with high-insulation and high-strength insulating plates and special U-shaped self-tightening sealing rings inside to achieve electrical insulation and sealing on both sides of the pipeline. The welding seam adopts filament submerged arc welding, special numerical control equipment is used for assembly, and numerical control bending moment detection equipment is used for inspection to ensure product quality and meet the requirements of safe and reliable operation.

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