May 2022

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May 2022

Chen Mengmin won the honorary title of "Xi'an May 1 Labor Medal.

Our company was awarded "2021 Xi 'an Labor Competition Winning Collective" by Xi 'an Labor Competition Committee, and Hao Weiqiang was awarded "2021 Xi 'an Labor Competition Outstanding Individual". Wang Hui, Cheng Lei, Wei Yixuan and Wang Rui "Research on Automatic Pressure Regulating System and Differential Pressure Valve of Variable Working Condition Resistance Sealing Liquid"; li Jing, Fu Yanhe, Lei Yangyong and Cheng Jia's "Development of Large Diameter Double Pressure Plate Cock Valve" are "Outstanding Achievements in Economic and Technological Innovation of Xi 'an Workers in 2021".

Our company was awarded "2021 Labor Competition Advanced Collective" by Baqiao District"


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