The company organized the 2021 "quality month" activity kick-off meeting

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The company organized the 2021

In order to enhance the quality awareness of all staff and promote the continuous improvement of quality activities, on the afternoon of September 6, the company organized a kick-off meeting for the 2021 "Quality Month" activity. The company's chairman and general manager Chen Mengmin, executive deputy general manager Wang Wenbin, chief engineer Wei Qingxi, deputy chief engineer Fu Yanhe and other leaders attended the meeting, which was presided over by Zhang Erlong, minister of quality management.

The meeting informed the requirements and spirit of the document "notice on carrying out the National" quality month "activity in 2021" issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision and other departments, adopted and issued the company's "notice on carrying out the" quality month "activity in 2021, and determined the implementation plan of the activity with the theme of" solving problems, promoting production, improving quality and offering customers.

At the end of the meeting, Chen Mengmin, chairman and general manager, made a summary and emphasis on the company's quality status and quality month activities. He pointed out that the development of quality month activities should widely mobilize the enthusiasm and participation of grass-roots employees, and deepen the concept of "everyone cares about quality, attaches importance to quality, and enjoys quality. On the one hand, it is necessary to find the weak links of quality problems through quality month activities, and the company leaders are responsible for follow-up and implementation; on the other hand, it is necessary to carry out quality month activities in an all-round way through publicity, assessment, learning and other channels, smash the main points of the plan, ensure the effectiveness of the activities, and finally implement the company's "intensive" values to every employee and every quality work link.

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