"Cohesion, start a new journey"-the company organized a strategic planning seminar.

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On the afternoon of July 16, the company organized a strategic seminar. The meeting discussed and adopted the core mission, vision, values and ten-year plan of corporate culture construction, finally determined the business target plan for the second half of 2021, and defined the specific measures to ensure the landing of short-term strategy from 2021 to 2023.



On the morning of July 17, the company invited professional top-level design teachers to train all middle-level and above management cadres from four aspects: business design, governance design, organizational planning and capital planning.



On the afternoon of July 17, Chen Mengmin, chairman and general manager of the company, gave a lecture on the resolution formed at the strategic meeting on July 16 among all middle-level and above management cadres, and all cadres were encouraged.



The smooth convening of this meeting has greatly promoted the determination of the cadre team to unite and work hard, and enhance the consciousness and cohesion of the cadre team to achieve the "three-step" strategy, and laid a solid foundation for achieving the company's "ten billion" grand goal. Management talent foundation.


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