The company organized personnel to study in Suzhou

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The company organized personnel to study in Suzhou

On June 3, the company's chairman and general manager Chen Mengmin, chief financial officer Li Jie, deputy chief engineer Fu Yanhe and other leaders went to Suzhou Arnold Precision Cutting Technology Co., Ltd. for a three-day study tour.



Zhang Hongqin, vice president of Arnold Group, and Chen Li, manager of Arnold Group, accompanied our company's personnel to visit the workshop site and introduced the site technology, parts processing flow, site inspection, warehouse shelves and other aspects. Subsequently, the leaders of the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the current development of the enterprise, and Arnold shared information on the background, construction and changes brought about by the implementation of informatization.




Subsequently, Chief Financial Officer Li Jie and Lean Office Director Li Liuyi led a team to study CNNC Suvalen Technology Company and Arnold Precision Cutting Company respectively.




The new reform and development is always a long way to go. On the road of lean, information and standardization of the company, we need to constantly learn from excellent enterprises and combine with our own situation to make our company's industry stronger and bigger.

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