Our company "NPS20 large diameter double pressure plate plug valve" successfully passed the new product identification

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Our company

On April 21, 2021, China General Machinery Industry Association held an appraisal meeting of "NPS20 large diameter double pressure plate plug valve" independently developed by our company in Xi'an.

The appraisal meeting was presided over by Huang Li, president of China General Machinery Industry Association. The appraisal committee was composed of 9 experts from China Machinery Industry Federation, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Lanzhou University of Technology, Shanghai Huayi Engineering Co., Ltd., Hebei Jiantao Energy Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sopo Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Henan Shunda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Yankuang Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd. The director of the appraisal committee is Sui Yongbin, former chief engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation. Chen Mengmin, chairman of the company and heads of relevant departments attended the appraisal meeting.

Experts and representatives of the appraisal committee inspected the company's production and test sites, witnessed the performance test of large-diameter double-pressure plug valves, reviewed the prototype product test report and appraisal outline, economic and social benefit analysis report, standardized review report, scientific and technological novelty search report and reference documents and other appraisal data, and listened to the summary report of the project development work. The appraisal committee believes that the NPS20 large-diameter double-pressure plate plug valve prototype developed by our company has independent intellectual property rights, the main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, and the economic and social benefits are significant. The appraisal committee agreed to pass the appraisal.


The NPS20 large-diameter plug valve appraisal meeting, marking the company's special material technology research and development has made a new breakthrough, special material valve products in the specialization, characteristics on the basis of large-scale.

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