To create a new situation in management by filling short boards in the standard specification

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To create a new situation in management by filling short boards in the standard specification

The management and use of welding materials is an important link in all kinds of quality certification. In order to standardize the company's management short board, since March, the company has taken various measures in terms of hardware facilities, staffing, system construction and other aspects to carry out a major rectification of the management of welding materials in the valve workshop, with remarkable results.

Additional welding wire library.The area of the primary warehouse of the original welding materials is too small to place all welding materials in an orderly manner. After the addition of welding wire warehouse, welding rods, fluxes and welding wires of different categories, materials and specifications are now placed in different categories to achieve an orderly and clear lean effect.

Improve the management system.According to the "Welding Material Management System", the "Welding Material Level I Warehouse Management System", "Welding Material Level II Warehouse Management System", "Welding Material Level I Warehouse Administrator Responsibilities", "Welding Material Level II Warehouse Administrator Responsibilities", "Welding Material Collecting, Drying, Use and Recycling Management Regulations" and other systems have been formulated to clarify the main functions and requirements of warehouses at all levels.

Make records of each link.The welding material warehouse has temperature and humidity requirements. The warehouse keeper is required to record the temperature and humidity of the welding material warehouse every day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). If the temperature and humidity exceed the requirements, the hot air blower and dehumidifier shall be turned on in time. The distribution, collection and recycling of welding materials must be registered and signed to ensure that the accounts are consistent.

People who are willing to give.Under the leadership of the old master, the young staff of the technology department actively assisted the production department in relocating and sorting out the welding material warehouse. 20Kg of welding rod, welding wire and 25Kg of flux were packed in lower and upper shelves, classified and placed, counted the quantity, marked and determined the validity period. They took pains and were meticulous.


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