Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd Enterprise Management Training Course

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Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd Enterprise Management Training Course

In order to further improve the skill level of the company's management team, strengthen management thinking, promote the improvement of execution, and build a high-quality management team, the company held the "2021 First Management Training Course" from January 30 to 31. Management personnel at all levels of the company participated in the learning activities. According to the course design, the participants were divided into 6 learning groups, and the points system competition method was adopted for learning.

In two days, the company's management team focused on learning and training on how to "improve middle-level management skills" and "team execution". Through the comparison and analysis of daily work practice with management theory, we found problems and learned some methods. The whole learning process was serious, joyful, tense and interesting.

Although this learning activity has come to an end, the company's enterprise management course has just begun, and the company's management work is also starting in the direction of standardization, standardization and modernization. Here, I also hope that all managers can apply what they have learned and integrate knowledge with practice.

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