Our company "liquefied natural gas with key valves localization cryogenic ball valve" appraisal meeting was successfully held

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Our company

On May 23, 2020, China General Machinery Industry Association and Kunlun Energy Co. The meeting uses a combination of on-site meetings and network video conferencing.

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Zonglie, vice president of China General Machinery Industry Association. The appraisal committee is composed of Huang Mingya, deputy chief engineer of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd., Wang Ning, deputy general manager of Kunlun Energy Shenzhen LNG Co., Ltd., Sinopec Nanjing Valve Purchasing Center, Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., China Huanqiu Engineering Co., Ltd., Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering Co., Ltd., Kunlun Energy Jiangsu LNG Co., Ltd., Kunlun Energy Jingtang LNG Co., Ltd., Lanzhou University of Technology Pump Valve Research Center. Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd. LNG Management Department Han Xinqiang attended the meeting.

Experts and representatives of the appraisal committee visited the company's production and test sites, listened to the development summary report, and conducted technical inquiries and discussions. The appraisal committee believes that the "cryogenic cryogenic ball valve for liquefied natural gas device" developed by our company is a key device for liquefied natural gas, which plays an important role in the safe and reliable operation of LNG devices. The main performance indicators of the product prototype have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world, with significant economic and social benefits, and can be popularized and applied in liquefied natural gas devices. The appraisal committee unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal.

The research and development of low-temperature ball valves for high-pressure, large-diameter NPS10 and CL1500 liquefied natural gas systems has filled the domestic gap and laid the foundation for domestic mass production.

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