Smelting team beyond self

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Smelting team beyond self

Smelting team beyond self

-Record of 2018 Youth Training of Xi 'an Pump and Valve General Factory Co., Ltd.

In order to better stimulate the passion of young workers, cultivate the awareness of active communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation among workers, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of workers, and show the elegant demeanor of young workers in Xi'an pump valve. On October 21, the company conducted 2018 quality development training for young workers at Tangyuhu training base.

During the activity, everyone was divided into two groups. After intense brainstorming, loud team slogans and distinctive team logos were determined one by one. This outward bound training kicked off in the team images of "Sharp Blade Team" and "Blood Blade Team" with distinct personalities and full of energy. Subsequently, the two teams challenged the high-altitude broken bridge, Normandy landing, Hanrota and graduation wall, and the well-designed projects inspired everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm.

When the bridge was broken at high altitude, the team members crossed on the 8-meter-high bridge. whenever someone was afraid, everyone encouraged, comforted and gave advice loudly to make their teammates overcome psychological obstacles, bravely took steps, defeated themselves and won. During the Normandy landing, 12 people in each group had to pass through six scattered stone piles at the same time, and almost each stone pile had to stand on four feet, so that employees began to think about the importance of teamwork. Hanrota, seemingly the simplest game, "Sharp Blade Team" or because of the inobedience and carelessness of its teammates, caused the quickly piled Hanrota to collapse again and again, in the failure, everyone realized that the overall situation awareness and details are the key to success or failure. The graduation wall is the most difficult project. The team members need to climb over a 4.2-meter high wall. At the bottom of the wall, five people need to build a two-story ladder to help their teammates climb the high wall. The number of people on the ladder decreases as the total number decreases. Finally, the team members who have climbed the high wall pull up together through ropes, this requires high team cooperation and personal dedication, not only to form a team tacit understanding, but also to believe in team strength, so that students understand that only a team win is a real victory.

The development of training not only enhance the staff's self-confidence, honed the perseverance, but also improve the ability to solve practical problems. Through mutual exchanges and learning, we have realized the importance of mutual trust, teamwork and innovation, which has played a positive role in improving work efficiency, enhancing communication and coordination among various departments and improving execution. It provides a solid foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development. We are convinced that as long as the company's full unity, will be in the Xi'an pump valve "history" to write a brilliant new chapter!






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