Brilliant 60 Years of Fighting New Journey

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Brilliant 60 Years of Fighting New Journey
Brilliant 60 Years of Fighting New Journey
-- The 60th Anniversary Celebration of Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd
On the morning of September 15, the celebration with the theme of "Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Xi'an Pump & Valve Plant Co ..Ltd" was grandly opened in the company's factory area.
The atmosphere of the whole celebration site was warm, with guests and friends gathered. Xi'an Industry and Information Technology Commission, Baqiao District People's Government, Xi'an Electromechanical and Chemical State-owned Assets Management Company, China General Machinery Industry Association, China General Machinery Industry Association Pump Branch, China Petroleum West-East Gas Pipeline Company, Lanzhou University of Technology, etc. Leaders and users and suppliers from all over the country were invited to attend the celebration. The celebration meeting was presided over by Yang Junfeng, vice chairman of the company.
Chen Mengmin, chairman of the company, delivered a speech. He deeply reviewed the extraordinary history of Xi'an pump valve in the past 60 years, and said that we will take the 60th anniversary celebration as an opportunity, take "realizing the rapid development of the enterprise" as the goal, concentrate our efforts, seize the opportunity, implement a more active development strategy in product innovation, equipment renewal and talent introduction, and strive to build Xi'an pump valve into a well-known brand in China's general machinery industry, To realize the enterprise's take-off again! We will take Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guide for action, "never forget the original ideal and ambition, think of the source of drinking water", make every effort to overcome difficulties, and develop more and better pump valve products to repay employees, shareholders and society!
Zhang Yubao, secretary-general of the China General Association, spoke highly of the achievements made by Xi'an pumps and valves in the past 60 years and their contributions to the industry, and encouraged "make persistent efforts and create greater glory". Peng Ren, chief engineer of PetroChina West-East Gas Pipeline Company, highly appreciated and fully affirmed our company's products and said that he was very optimistic about the company's prospects. Finally, Li Yongdong, deputy mayor of Baqiao District, expressed warm congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the company's establishment, affirmed the company's development and contributions to the region, and hoped that Xi'an pumps and valves would continue to forge ahead, take advantage of the situation, and continue to develop themselves. It also makes more and greater contributions to the first development of the region, and said that Baqiao District will fully support the development of our company.
In the melodious music, the celebration of the successful conclusion! Sixty years of difficult and bumpy development, today's achievements are not easy to come by, let our generation of pump valve people carry forward, shoulder the historical mission, and make greater contributions to the development of the company!
Chairman Chen Mengmin Speech
Speech by Zhang Yubao, Secretary General of China General Machinery Industry Association
Speech by Li Yongdong, Deputy District Chief of Baqiao District People's Government
Celebration site
Production site product exhibition
Production site product exhibition

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