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Hot wire TIG automatic welding machine

Hot wire TIG automatic welding machine

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In the oil and gas exploration, oil and gas storage and transportation, sewage treatment and other industries, often encounter high H2S, CO2, Cl-and other corrosive media harsh conditions, the need for the use of valves, insulation joints, filters and other pipeline components wall surfacing a layer of stainless steel or nickel-based alloy, to achieve the corrosion resistance of pure alloy material, while the cost is greatly reduced. Applying automatic hot wire TIG surfacing technology, corrosion-resistant alloy surfacing can be carried out with high quality.
Hot wire TIG welding is a new process based on the traditional TIG welding with preheated welding wire. Hot wire TIG welding can improve the deposition efficiency and welding speed through the collaborative control of welding current, hot wire current and wire feeding speed, reduce the dilution rate of the weld to 5% ~ 10%, and ensure the content of alloy elements.
The welding process has a high degree of automation and high welding quality, which is the most advanced surfacing method at home and abroad.
Equipment Capability:
Maximum outside diameter of workpiece -1500mm
Minimum inner diameter of workpiece -46mm
Maximum workpiece depth -800mm
Maximum workpiece weight -3 tons

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