The company organized the 2021 lean project kick-off meeting.

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The company organized the 2021 lean project kick-off meeting.

On the afternoon of April 6, the company held a 2021 lean project kick-off meeting in the conference room on the second floor. Chen Mengmin, chairman and general manager, Niu Xiaodong, sales director, Li Jie, chief financial officer, Wei Qingxi, chief engineer, Fu Yanhe, deputy chief engineer, lean management team members and consulting teachers attended the meeting.

2021 is the year of lean project introduction, according to the company's three-year development strategy, strengthen the introduction of lean thinking, effectively improve the company's basic management level, effectively promote the smooth development of lean work, the "promotion of lean production, training of lean talent.""As an important measure for enterprises to strengthen management and improve efficiency. The smooth holding of the meeting determined the implementation direction of lean management this year. Through the improvement of key topics, we can achieve the goals of shortening the delivery time, improving the contract delivery rate, improving the one-time inspection qualification rate, and reducing manufacturing costs. Through full participation, we can reduce costs, improve efficiency and form a continuous improvement mechanism.

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