The company organized the third management training in 2021

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The company organized the third management training in 2021

In order to improve the management level of the company's cadre team, strengthen communication and coordination capabilities, cultivate EQ awareness, establish service concepts, and build a high-quality management team. Recently, the company organizedThe third phase of management training in 2021 will be surrounded by Yang Junfeng, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union.The Manager's Human Being, fromEQ,Inverse quotientTwo major areas were taught,40More managers participated in the training.

Yang Junfeng shared some with you."Scientific Argument,Domestic and foreign cases,People and things aroundSuch as the favorite cases and stories, guide everyone to take the initiative to reflect on some of the problems and deficiencies in our work, and then share the skills on how to control our emotions.3After three hours of training, everyone was still in high spirits and still not satisfied.

At present, the company's labor competition activities are in full swing. I hope that all managers will keep a close eye on the overall goal of the company's future development strategy, and effectively transform the learning results into work motivation and results, work hard, and set an example.

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