The new force of the pump valve has made great contributions to Xi'an.

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The new force of the pump valve has made great contributions to Xi'an.
On November 25th, the sun was warm in the afternoon. On the playground of the Labor Road Primary School, the "Shaangu Cup" fun sports meeting with the theme of "Celebrating the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Building Xi'an" organized by the Xi'an Machinery, Metallurgy and Building Materials System is underway. in. This fun sports meeting attracted more than 170 employees from 18 grassroots units to participate, and a total of four lively and interesting events were set up: "driving pigs home", "grabbing for planting", "three fun events", and "hula hoop roller coaster". Competition project. Tong Shuai, vice chairman of Xi'an trade union, attended and participated in the fun games.
Our company has sent a representative team composed of Cao Xionghui, Ye Xiangyan, Gong Teng and other new generation of fresh troops. After a fierce competition, the team of Xi'an Pump Valve General Factory Co., Ltd. won the fifth place in the total ranking and the third prize of the team.
In the competition process of this interesting sports meeting, the representative team of Xi'an Pump and Valve General Factory Co., Ltd., based on the principle of "friendship first, competition second", practiced and carried forward the enterprise spirit of "serious and realistic, vigorous and vigorous", and truly achieved The level and style of the competition have been unanimously praised by the event organizers and brother units.
At the same time, in order to advocate the concept of healthy life, strive to improve the physical fitness of employees, and promote the physical and mental health of employees, the company's trade union's annual "Workers Healthy Run in Winter" activity is also in progress. Every morning on the main road of the company's factory area, figures running hard against the cold wind one by one represent the spirit of our Xi 'an pump valve people who are not afraid of challenges and face up to difficulties, and vividly show the enterprise style of Xi 'an pump valve.
It is hoped that the majority of employees will take this fun sports meeting and the "healthy winter run for employees" as an opportunity to develop healthy living habits, maintain noble spiritual pursuits, and stimulate selfless work enthusiasm. In the upsurge of in-depth study of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in the construction process of catching up and surpassing in Xi'an, in the realization of the leap-forward development of Xi'an pump valve, play an active role and make new contributions!

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