The company won many honors of Xi'an Machinery Metallurgical Building Materials Union

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The company won many honors of Xi'an Machinery Metallurgical Building Materials Union

Recently, Xi 'an Machinery, Metallurgy and Building Materials Trade Union held a commendation symposium on "Top Ten Mechanical Craftsmen Talents". Li Shen, monitor of our company's maintenance class, won the honorary title of "Top Ten Mechanical Craftsmen Talents", the pump workshop assembly class won the honorary title of "Mengtao Team", and the company won the advanced collective honorary title of the special meritorious service competition on "New Era of Post Contribution Helping Advanced Manufacturing.

As the monitor of the maintenance class, Li Shen constantly learns advanced concepts in his work, constantly innovates and reforms, summarizes work experience, breaks through himself, improves repair skills, pursues quality and efficiency, improves working methods and overcomes all difficulties. This year, he led the team to carry out secondary maintenance on the equipment of the whole company.40Taiwan, to ensure the good operation of enterprise equipment.

   This year, affected by the new crown epidemic, the pump workshop assembly class workload suddenly increased, but the team each do their part, work together, in the case of short contract delivery time often give up rest days, or even work all night, regardless of personal remuneration, give up the small family to take care of everyone, on time, quality and quantity to complete the annual production tasks. Complete the whole system assembly 2800Yu Tai. Number of people traveling throughout the year200Person-time, more than hundreds of customers for satisfactory service, customers get praise.

   In recent years, the company has made great efforts to give full play to the traditional advantages of enterprise labor competition, constantly innovate new ways of labor and skill competition, highlight "one theme", focus on the medium and long-term development goals of the enterprise, deeply and continuously carry out the labor and skill competition with the theme of "new era of post contribution, help advanced manufacturing industry", and form a multi-level, long-term and short-term labor competition activity with pump valve characteristics of "persisting in reform and strive to achieve great leap";11Article Implementation10Article, by Xi'an City staff economic and technological innovation outstanding achievements:2A, access to national patents11item. Cutoff2020Year11The company's main production and operation indicators in January have reached the target set by the workers' congress at the beginning of the year, and the average income of employees has increased compared with the previous year.8.2%Employees' sense of identity, sense of gain, trust, and happiness have been continuously enhanced, achieving a "win-win" situation for enterprises and employees.

In addition, in the "Wonderful Fourteenth Games, I Be a Volunteer" online knowledge contest organized by the Xi'an Machinery, Metallurgical and Building Materials Union, the company's trade union was awarded the "Excellent Organization Unit".

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