Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and cultivate highly skilled talents

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Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and cultivate highly skilled talents

In order to strengthen the construction of our city's high-skilled talent team and create a "Belt and Road" talent highland, the Xi'an "Learning Skills and Training Craftsmen" High-skilled Talent Skills Competition hosted by the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions The "West Coal Machine Cup" CNC lathe skills competition was successfully held in Xi'an Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. from August to October 2018.

More than 200 people including the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the leaders of the city, the heads of the trade unions of districts, counties, industries, and development zones, leading cadres and employees in charge of enterprises, contestants, employee representatives, and media reporters attended the event.

Our company responded positively and organized 16 employees to participate in the competition. The competition took two stages of written examination and practical operation. Yan Wenbo and Zhu Jianfeng of our company finally won the second and fifth places after strict examination. After the research and decision of the competition organizing Committee, Comrade Yan Wenbo was awarded the title of "Xi 'an 2018 Technical Model" and Comrade Zhu Jianfeng was awarded the title of "Xi 'an 2018 Technical Expert. In order to encourage advanced, the company decided to give Yan Wenbo and Zhu Jianfeng a circular commendation and a cash reward.

The company will take this competition as an opportunity to further speed up the training of high-skilled compound talents, create a team of skilled talents with sufficient quantity, exquisite skills and excellent quality, and form a good atmosphere of respecting labor, advocating multi-ability and encouraging innovation. all staff and workers should take the advanced as an example, love their posts and work hard, study hard, make persistent efforts, strive for the first-class, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of the enterprise!




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