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Notice related to the "escort action" of xi 'an unemployment insurance assistance for stabilizing posts in 2018


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Notice related to the "escort action" of xi 'an unemployment insurance assistance for stabilizing posts in 2018

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To actively promote the city unemployment insurance assistance stabilizing hillock convoys,giving play
  To actively promote the city unemployment insurance assistance stabilizing hillock convoys,giving play to the role of unemployment insurance stable employment,prevention,according to the shaanxi province government"on further strengthening the implementation of the employment business work opinion"(shaanxi province politics hair[2017]no.49),shaanxi people club hall"about the implementation of the unemployment insurance people club department aid convoys of stabilizing implementation opinion"(shan people club letter[2017]no.861)and other relevant documents spirit,do it right now,the city's 2018 annual enterprise steady post subsidies related work order is as follows:
  I.application time
  In addition to public institutions and non-enterprise units,enterprises participating in unemployment insurance in zhuhai can apply for the subsidy for stable job security of enterprises in 2018 from May 14,2018,and the subsidy for stable job security of enterprises that have not applied in previous years.
  Enterprises engaging in human resource service related types,enterprises that have incomplete data of payment in the current insurance agency,and enterprises that have participated in insurance in addition to high-tech zones and have not handled CA,will apply for 2018 and relevant annual subsidies for stable posts for another notice.
  2.Application conditions
  (1)the layoff rate of the enterprise last year is lower than the registered urban unemployment rate of the city last year;
  (2)participate in unemployment insurance according to law and pay in full(or have already paid)the unemployment insurance premium of the previous year;
  (iii)the enterprise is not listed on the blacklist of"credit China website",and the enterprise legal person is not listed on the information release and inquiry platform of"national court's list of those who break their trust".
  Iii.Examination and approval standards
  Except 2014 and 2017,failed to timely apply for stabilizing enterprises,for the subsidies of steady post subsidy standards according to the highest do not exceed last year's unit and worker still 50%of the total amount of actual pay unemployment insurance premium to master,2018 post subsidy standard of examination and approval,according to the principle of"high not low",according to the enterprise to participate in unemployment insurance aid convoys or stabilizing hills,determine the degree of dynamic monitoring work.
  (I)the enterprises that actively participate in the escort operation of stabilizing the unemployment insurance and submit relevant materials(see annex 1 for details)shall be examined and approved according to 50%of the total amount of unemployment insurance premium paid by the units and employees in the previous year;Enterprises that have not participated in the escort operation of stabilizing the unemployment insurance are subject to examination and approval by not exceeding 40%of the total amount of unemployment insurance premium paid by the units and employees in the previous year.
  (2)the enterprises that actively participate in the 2017 annual unemployment dynamic monitoring work in zhuhai shall,in the approval of the 2018 steady job subsidy,comply with the relevant provisions in the notice of our bureau on doing a good job of unemployment dynamic monitoring on November 11,2016;
  (3)for regions with serious large-scale unemployment risks,the subsidy standard for participating insured enterprises with high unemployment risks can be raised by 10%to 20%with the approval of the provincial human resources,social security and financial departments;
  (4)in the process of eliminating excess production capacity in the iron and steel coal industry to achieve development out of difficulties,measures such as skill training,post transfer and placement,shift work,and salary negotiation shall be adopted to stabilize the work positions of the steel and coal enterprises which have been designated as de-productive by relevant departments.If attend unemployed insurance lawfully and pay cost of full specified amount,steady job allowance is highest do not exceed the 80%of total of insurance premium of unemployed of this enterprise last year.
  Iv.Use of subsidies
  The enterprise that does not have unemployed insurance to owe charge,do not have special reason to stabilize guard to be used to offset medical treatment insurance premium or unemployed insurance premium;For enterprises that have unemployment insurance arrears,the subsidy for stable position shall be used to offset unemployment insurance arrears in priority.Single danger is planted in the enterprise that our city ginseng keeps,check by orgnaization of orgnaization of social insurance agency and perform examine and approve a procedure hind,can allocate fund of steady post subsidy to the enterprise account,use at pay other society insurance premium.Starting from 2018,enterprises engaging in human resources services-related types shall determine the main recipients of job security subsidies according to the unemployment insurance participation relationship.Under the supervision of the government,these subsidies can only be used for skills upgrading training or post transfer training,and directly supplement the employees.
  The subsidy of stability post shall be implemented through annual one-time declaration,joint examination by relevant departments and annual allocation.From 2018,the subsidy work for stable posts of any year in zhuhai will be conducted in the form of"online application,systematic review,social publicity,financial supervision and automatic release",striving to"let the data run more and the public run less".
  Except in the ginseng of high-tech enterprises,the other has dealt with the CA's ginseng enterprises through the way of using CA authentication,log in xi"an orgnaization of social insurance online hall(,fill out the enterprise basic information,upload digital post subsidy application data,applying.In the ginseng of high-tech enterprise by using the CA or SMS authentication way in high-tech zone of Labour and social insurance online service hall( fill in basic information,upload digital post subsidy application data,applying.
  Preliminary examination department by landing"credit Chinese website(,""national court faithless person subjected to execution list information release and query platform"(,and orgnaization of social security system,enterprise credit verification,examination and unemployment insurance payment situation and the rate of layoffs,enterprise whether accord with steady post subsidy application conditions were determined.For those who do not meet the requirements,the department of preliminary examination shall deal with the refund in time and explain the reasons.The examination and approval department shall review the application materials of the subsidies for stable work of enterprises according to the opinions of the preliminary examination department,and put forward the examination and approval opinions according to the enterprises'participation in"escort actions"and the dynamic monitoring of unemployment.The financial department supervised the whole process of examining and approving the subsidies for stable posts in zhuhai,and checked the relevant examination and approval data at any time.According to the relevant work requirements of the provincial department of human resources and social security,if the subsidy amount for stable posts exceeds 2 million,it shall be reported to the provincial department of human resources and social security for review.After the approval results are published on the official website of the people's social security bureau of xi'an city,the social insurance agencies at all levels shall transfer the subsidy funds for stable posts to the corresponding accounts according to the specified documents.
  Vi.Work requirements
  (1)unify our thinking and improve our understanding.The implementation of the stabilization subsidy policy is an important means to cope with the severe downward pressure on the real economy and the arduous task of stabilizing employment and posts.All participating enterprises should strengthen the study and understanding of the subsidy policy for stable posts in zhuhai,improve the understanding of the purpose and significance of implementing the subsidy policy for stable posts,concentrate their efforts and time according to the requirements,and organize the application of the subsidy for stable posts.
  Second,strengthen coordination and work hard for implementation.In order to improve the efficiency of examination and approval,the city further optimized the examination and approval process of the subsidies for stable posts,and cancelled the acceptance of the enterprises in the registration department.All units shall,in accordance with the requirements of this notice,clarify their responsibilities,strictly examine and approve conditions,standardize the procedures for handling affairs,and improve efficiency.We should combine the examination and approval of unemployment insurance subsidies with the"escort action",and actively publicize the policies of job security and unemployment insurance to encourage the public to have a new understanding of the work of unemployment insurance.
  Strict discipline and strengthen responsibility.No unit or individual may occupy or misappropriate the subsidy funds except for the clearly specified expenditure scope for stabilizing posts in zhuhai.Units and individuals who resort to deception,retention or misappropriation shall have their subsidy funds withdrawn,their application qualifications for next step subsidies revoked and shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant provisions.If a crime is constituted,the case shall be transferred to the judicial organ for investigation of legal liability according to law.
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