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Warm congratulations to our company's new large diameter insulated joint pass the appraisal


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Warm congratulations to our company's new large diameter insulated joint pass the appraisal

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On October 31,2017,China federation of machinery industry organized and held the new product identification
  On October 31,2017,China federation of machinery industry organized and held the new product identification meeting of"jyga-120 PN12MPa DN1400 new large-diameter insulation connector"completed by xi'an pump valve hair factory co.,LTD.This appraisal meeting invited 13 famous experts in the industry,including director liang jiang of pipeline department of China petroleum exploration and development corporation,director jing yiping of pipeline construction project department of China petroleum exploration and development corporation,secretary general song yinli of valve branch of China general machinery association and professor Yang zheng of xi'an jiaotong university.
  At the meeting,the appraisal committee with director liang jiang as the chairman listened to the technical summary,new report,user application report and other reports of the development project group,and consulted relevant technical documents.After questioning and discussion,the appraisal committee unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal.
  Appraisal committee thinks:xi'an pump valve factory co.,LTD.,to complete the"JYGA-120 type PN12MPa DN1400 new type of large diameter insulation joint"for the domestic first resistance to low temperature(45℃)insulation joint products,successfully solved the insulation,sealing and intensity integration technical problems.Its main innovation points are as follows:
  1.Established the overall model of optimization analysis of large diameter insulated joints,designed with clamp calculation method and new structure of butt welding seam located outside the fixed sleeve,improved the ultimate bearing capacity of insulated joints and product safety reliability,and formed the proprietary technology of product design and manufacturing;
  2,developed large caliber,resistant to low temperature(45℃)-fluoro rubber seals,meet the using demand of the product in low temperature environment.
  3.Developed special equipment for assembling and testing of PN12MPa DN1400 insulated connector,meeting the requirements of mass production.
  In August 2016,our company provided insulation connector of similar structure PN10MPa DN1000 to tarim oilfield,and this batch of products was delivered to users for use as scheduled.From December 2016 to April 2017,our company provided similar sized insulating joints such as PN10MPa DN600 and PN10MPa DN650 to jinzheng line project in three batches.The pipeline has been put into use successively.In March 2017,our company provided the same type of PN12MPa DN1200 insulating connector for the middle jing line project of the west-east gas transmission line.All the performance fully met the technical agreement and the new product standard requirements.
  In the opinion of the appraisal committee,the successful development of the product provides strong technical support for the localization of PN12MPa DN1400 insulating connector,and the overall technology of the product reaches the international leading level,which agrees to pass the appraisal.It is suggested to speed up the popularization and application.